Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant

Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant

Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant, also named industrial cryogenic nitrogen generator is a compact and highly efficient system that produces nitrogen with 99.99% purity level. It can produce from 80 to 3,500 Nm3/hr. of nitrogen gas or even more.

No need for raw materials or recurring chemical costs, Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant uses a cost effective process to produce pure nitrogen gas from the atmosphere. As an experienced industrial cryogenic nitrogen generator manufacturer, Lecten gas uses advanced and state of the art technology in every process.

Let Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant Support Your Production
cryogenic nitrogen plant
cryogenic nitrogen plant

Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant Manufacturer

With the know-how in the commercial production of nitrogen, Lecten Gas supplies simple and reliable plants with only few units for easy maintenance. Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant has only 5 units, which include air compression, cooling, pretreatment, vacuum chamber and distillation column.

Depending on the specific needs of clients, Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants can produce nitrogen gas and liquid. Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants come in standard and custom designs for electronics assembly, pharmaceuticals, iron & steel, food & beverage, glass, oil & gas industries, amongst others.

FAQ on Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant

What is the production capacity of Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant?
I will depend on your production needs. However, most of cryogenic oxygen generators produce between 80 Nm3/hr. to over 3,500 Nm3/hr.
Do you have other types of industrial nitrogen generators apart from the cryogenic nitrogen plants?
Yes, we do. You can choose either PSA Nitrogen Plant or Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Plant.
Why Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants?
Lecten Gas nitrogen generation plants guarantee the following main advantages: i.Low operation and maintenance cost ii.Features state-of-the-art technology iii.Fully automatic system iv.No raw materials to produce nitrogen v.Produces 99.99% nitrogen purity
Will Lecten Gas install cryogenic nitrogen plant for me?
Yes. Lecten Gas will do everything for you, from: Helping you get custom design cryogenic nitrogen plant Arranging for shipping Installing and commissioning cryogenic nitrogen plant Helping in maintenance and troubleshooting cryogenic nitrogen generator
How big is Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant?
Usually, the size of a nitrogen generator depends on your specific requirement. But forget the narrative that cryogenic nitrogen generator is a complicated system. No. it’s not. In fact, Lecten Gas cryogenic plants have only 5 units – air compression system, air purifier, air expander, compression system and cylinder filling.
What is the difference between Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant and Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant?
Nothing much. Actually the main difference is the end product. For instance, you can order for Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Plant. Our cryogenic oxygen nitrogen plants feature a condenser separating the upper and lower column. Also, it removes nitrogen and oxygen through different paths. You can contact our technical team to learn more about this technology.
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Advantages of Lecten Gas Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant

  • Dependable supply of 99.99% pure nitrogen
  • Cost competitive
  • Fully automated process
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems
  • Robust and sturdy design with few units

Lecten Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant

Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant is one of the most revolutionized machinery which is also known as industrial cryogenic nitrogen generator. Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant is a very compact and widely known as a very efficient system which produces nitrogen at a purity level of 99.99%. As one of the most sophisticated industrial machinery, it can produce nitrogen gas at an output ranging from 80 to 3,500 Nm3 per hour or even more.

Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant uses one of the most cost effective processes in producing pure nitrogen gas coming from our atmosphere. Using Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant, raw materials will not be necessary and there will be no need for recurring cost of chemicals. As one of the leading company in the industry, Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant uses one of the most advanced machinery and state of the art technology in every purification process.

Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant is one of these industries famous machinery designed and employed to produce nitrogen for different industrial applications. Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant uses the process of cryogenic distillation in producing pure nitrogen in the cryogenic nitrogen plant.

The plant produces nitrogen using the process of liquefaction of the air from the atmosphere using the air separation unit. The next step is running the air through the cleanup system in which the impurities contained in the nitrogen such as the moisture and carbon hydrogen are eliminated. After that, the air moves through the heat exchanges and in here is where the purified air is cooled in cryogenic temperatures. The next process is when the air is moved through the column of high pressure distillation where the separation process happens. In this column is where the nitrogen is formed. Finally the purified nitrogen is directed into the column of low pressure distillation where the nitrogen is distilled. The final product is further processed in order to meet the commercial specifications.

Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant produces purified nitrogen, an element which has great technical importance. The atmosphere is known to mainly consist of oxygen and nitrogen gases with small quantities of carbon dioxide, helium, argon, and more. Using Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plants, the oxygen and nitrogen are separated due different processes done by the company’s top notch machinery.

Lecten nitrogen generation systems are certified to be very safe and reliable. Other than that, top experts confirmed that the company machineries are both easy to operate and maintain. Depending on the costumer’s needs, there are several options available.

Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plants are designed by the most elite engineers and experts of the company to become one of the most globally competitive sophistication. The plant is fabricated and manufactured using the international standards as basis. Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plants are manufactured and created using the latest cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. The machines which generated nitrogen are designed superbly and priced competitively.

Lecten cryogenic nitrogen plant produces top quality machinery which are second to none because of the strict quality control and standard measures which are maintained at Lecten’s company.

For more information, you can contact our company or inquire through our website.