Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant, also called liquid oxygen plant or industrial oxygen plant, features the latest cryogenic technology, producing 99.7% oxygen purity with an optional 99.99% nitrogen purity. It is a one of the most efficient, economical and reliable cryogenic oxygen plant.

Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant is specifically designed for many applications in the steel industry, medical industry, brazing industry, chemical industry and many more.

Lecten Gas is a cryogenic oxygen generation plant manufacturer that offers LOX plant that is fully automated with low maintenance. The Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant machines guarantee an excellent performance at cost competitive prices.


Let Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant Support Your Production

Cryogenic Oxygen Plant Manufacturer

With the system failure protection, easy installation and integration, Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant comes with a production capacity of 20 to over 700 liters/hour. It is the latest series of the latest models of Lecten Gas industrial oxygen plant with the latest technology and progressive design as per the Dr. Boschi of Italy.

Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant has a simple system with air compression, air purification, air separation, oxygen compression and cylinder filling. The rotary air compressor in Lecten Gas oxygen manufacturing process reduces expenses and ensures high productivity.

For a perfect match for your production needs, Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant meets the dynamic requirements in all your liquid oxygen production process.

FAQ on Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

What is a cryogenic oxygen plant?
This is an industrial equipment, designed to produce high purity molecular oxygen. It features a range of parts assembled together with very few moving parts for low maintenance costs. The design of these systems was first pioneered by Dr. Carl Von Linde and it is a perfect choice when producing liquid oxygen.
Is Lecten Gas Oxygen plant efficient?
Lecten Gas industrial oxygen plants feature a higher degree of efficiency than most PSA oxygen plants available in the market. By adopting the latest cryogenic technology, it guarantees high separation efficiency. With Lecten Gas cryogenic oxygen plant, you can save over 83% on the cost of buying oxygen gas. In fact, within 18 months, you’ll get the payback besides being sure of consistent supply of oxygen. When you buy Lecten Gas cryogenic oxygen plant, you’ll get 99.7% oxygen purity with an optional 99.99% nitrogen purity (purity).
Does Lecten Gas offer after sales services on its cryogenic oxygen plants?
Yes, we do. As one of the leading cryogenic oxygen plant manufacturer, we believe in retaining our clients by providing one of the best technical support. At Lecten Gas, we provide before and after sales services 24×7. This includes liquid oxygen plant installation, commissioning and maintenance. Together with our partners, we ensure your oxygen filling plant runs all the time, to reduce any possible downtime.
Can I fill cylinders with purified oxygen?
Yes, you can. You can definitely expand Lecten Gas cryogenic oxygen plant to fill cylinders. That is, you can basically combine our oxygen generators with cylinder system.
Is Lecten Gas Cryogenic Oxygen Generator Safe?
Yes. Our industrial oxygen plants are safe. They meet international and ISO standards. Besides, they neither take nor add any gases or substances to the atmospheric air. You can run the Lecten Gas oxygen plant in a closed room without affecting the overall atmospheric air balance.
Does Lecten Gas make oxygen plants for small scale production?
No. We mainly focus on industrial oxygen plants, i.e. large applications. Of course, this is because these plants are only economically viable for large industrial applications.
What other products does Lecten Gas offer?
Apart from the cryogenic oxygen plant, at Lecten Gas, we have PSA oxygen plant, VPSA oxygen plant, cryogenic liquid oxygen plant, cryogenic nitrogen plant, PSA nitrogen plant and cryogenic liquid nitrogen plant.
What are the benefits of Lecten Gas oxygen plant?
The main benefits of Lecten Gas oxygen plant include: Saving cost of oxygen production Fast payback on investment Longer lifespan (over 10 years) Modular design with minimal maintenance Constant supply of 99.7% oxygen purity and 99.99% nitrogen purity Saves space Fully automated system and lower running costs
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Lecton Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

Lecten cryogenic oxygen plant is used to meet the most severe operating conditions. This is primarily used in industrial, chemical, and medical applications. Our cryogenic oxygen plant use technologically advanced equipment that helps the plant works on low pressure.

Lecten cryogenic oxygen plants are built with the latest cryogenic distillation technology. Lecten only used high quality materials in manufacturing and fabricating cryogenic oxygen plant. These products are manufactured by our experienced team of engineers. Each machine is assembled completely through rigorous inspection and testing before being shipped.  We ensure first that it meet the international standards and safety codes.

Lecten cryogenic oxygen plants provide oxygen with purity as high up to 99.7%. We focused ourselves in supplying satisfaction to all our customers and provide all specific requirements. The systems come in production capacities of 20 to over 700 liters/hour. For every delivered unit, our engineers will visit to your site and assist you with the installation. Through this process, we can ensure that the unit is safe from any hazards.

Our cryogenic oxygen plants are engaged with advanced technology, smooth performance and automatic machines. Cryogenic oxygen plants are able to withstand extreme temperatures. With over 10 years of experience and technical expertise, Lecten offers a qualitative range of cryogenic oxygen plant.

Lecten cryogenic oxygen plants are designed to work properly. It also has a low maintenance, running cost and user-friendly machines. Lecten also upgrade and improve machines to reduce the risk of sudden accidents and boost up the operations. Lecten cryogenic oxygen plants are one of the most well-known items which supplied all around the world. It is approved for its reliability, efficiency, operation and ease of use.

Lecten fabricate cryogenic oxygen plants have a simple system with air compression, air purification, air separation, oxygen compression and cylinder filling. Cryogenic oxygen plants are favoured by many industries because it is economical rather than other unit. It also ensures high productivity. Lecten are committed to provide 100% satisfaction through our excellence in producing high quality products and great services.

Lecten, as a professional Air Separation Unit manufacturer and supplier, we always ensure to earn our customers satisfaction. With over the years in the industry, we provide cryogenic oxygen plant to meets the dynamic requirements of our clients.

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