Hydrogen Plant

Hydrogen Plant

Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plant, also named hydrogen generation plant is a highly efficient and reliable hydrogen production equipment. It produces 1 to 100Nm3/hr. or more, depending on the design of the Lecten hydrogen generation plant.

As a premier hydrogen plant manufacturer, Lecten Gas produces a range of hydrogen generation plants featuring different technologies such as water electrolysis, natural gas steam reforming, methanol or ammonia decomposition.

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Hydrogen Generation Pant
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Hydrogen Plant Manufacturer

Compared with other hydrogen generation plants, Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plant is a one-step hydrogen gas purification system. It can achieve up to 99.999% hydrogen purity.

Whether for standard or custom designs, Lecten Gas supplies hydrogen plants to specific needs in industries such as metallurgy, pharmaceutical, power plants, electronics, etc.

FAQ on Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plant

What is the production capacity of Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plants?
Our hydrogen generation plants can produce 1 to 100 Nm3/hr. depending on your hydrogen needs.
How does Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plant produce hydrogen gas?
As a company, we are exploring many options to design and manufacture hydrogen plants depending on your specific needs. So far, Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plants use electrolyte, methanol, natural gas steam reforming or ammonia decomposition. In each case, we strive to produce 99.999% hydrogen purity.
What are the benefits of Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plants?
i.Many designs and options available at competitive prices ii.Guarantees 99.999% hydrogen purity iii.Low energy consumption and maintenance costs iv.Long service life v.Advanced technology and flow process vi.Compact structure and safe
Who should use Lecten Gas Plants?
Lecten Gas focuses on designing and manufacturing industrial hydrogen gas plants. Even the oxygen and nitrogen generation plants are for industrial applications. Our hydrogen plants are designed for power plants, metallurgy, electronics, atomic industry, weather broadcasting and medicine industries, just to mention a few.
Does Lecten Gas design customized hydrogen plants and how much does it cost?
Yes, Lecten Gas can design and manufacture hydrogen plant according to your requirements. However, the price per custom hydrogen plant will depend on your needs. Talk to us today so that we can discuss this.
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Advantages of Lecten Gas Hydrogen Plant

  • Up to 99.999% hydrogen purity
  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Robust and sturdy structure
  • Low to high hydrogen gas production (1 to 100Nm3/hr.)