PSA Oxygen Plant

PSA Oxygen Plant

Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant, also named oxygen PSA generator, is a cost effective and reliable for intermittent or continuous production of 93% oxygen purity. It is a modern industrial oxygen plant, with the latest Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology for paper pulp industries, chemical industries, dishing industries, metallurgical industries, pharmaceutical industries and many more.

With only 21% of oxygen in the atmosphere, Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant, comes with Zeolite molecular sieves for the adsorption of nitrogen molecules. This leaves over 93% pure oxygen of very dry gas, with (-) 40°C dew point.

Let Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant Support Your Production

PSA Oxygen Plant Manufacturer

As an experienced PSA oxygen generator manufacturer, Lecten Gas supplies easy to install and fully automatic oxygen PSA generators. Even when the Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant molecular bed is saturated, it automatically undergoes system regeneration.

For higher flow requirements, Lecten Gas offers Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) systems. They are also energy efficient and guarantees optimal oxygen generation from ambient air.

Compared with other PSA oxygen generators in the market, Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant is cost competitive. At the same time, Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plants come in custom designs.

FAQ on Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant

What is PSA?
PSA standards for Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. It is one of the many technologies Lecten Gas uses to make oxygen plants for both industrial and medical purposes. Lecten Gas PSA oxygen plants use a simple technology where it compresses ambient air, conditions and use zeolites to selectively adsorb nitrogen. With our PSA oxygen plants, you can easily achieve a 95.5% oxygen purity.
What are the benefits of on-site production of oxygen using PSA plants?
You’ll save 81% on the cost of buying oxygen gas. With Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plants, you are guaranteed of constant supply of oxygen. And, our PSA oxygen plants payback after only 18 months. Also, Lecten Gas oxygen plants are economically viable.
Are Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen plants safe?
Yes. Our PSA oxygen plants, neither add nor remove essential gases from the atmosphere. In fact, you can safely operate it even in a closed room.
Does Lecten Gas make customized PSA oxygen plants?
Yes, we do. Just send us your unique oxygen production needs and we’ll make a unique PSA oxygen plant for you. Even if you want to fill high pressure cylinders, Lecten Gas will give you exactly that.
Is PSA Oxygen Plant the only product Lecten Gas manufactures?
No. You can choose from our Cryogenic Oxygen Plant, VPSA Oxygen Plant or Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plant.
What are the benefits of Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant?
i.Offers cost effective way of on-site production of pure oxygen gas ii.A clean process that uses air as the raw material iii.Safe, controlled and easy to operate PSA oxygen generation plant iv.You have the convince of producing oxygen of any quantity at any place and time v.Quick payback time; it takes only 18 months vi.Energy efficient oxygen plant vii.No need to renew molecular sieves, you’ll only replace air filtration cartridge viii.Fully automated system
Does Lecten Gas install and commission the PSA oxygen plants?
Yes, we do. Just contact us and we will ensure your PSA oxygen plant is up and running. Lecten Gas helps all its clients even in subsequent maintenance. In case of a problem simply contact us with the serial number of your PSA oxygen plant and we will help you.
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Advantages of Lecten Gas PSA Oxygen Plant

  • Adsorbed nitrogen goes back to the atmosphere
  • Two interchangeable PSA tower modules for automatic changeover valves
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • High purity of oxygen of 92% to 95%
  • Fully automated system