VPSA Oxygen Plant

VPSA Oxygen Plant

Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plant, also named VPSA oxygen generator is specially designed for higher flow requirements. Vacuum Pressure Adsorption (VPSA) is an efficient system with a remote monitoring capability, producing 90% to 94% oxygen purity.

All Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plants have a special molecular sieve to remove nitrogen and carbon, leaving pure oxygen for industrial applications. It features Zeolite molecular sieve adsorbents.

The VPSA oxygen generator is designed for many industries such as glass melting, chemical processing, petrochemical to metallurgical industries, just to mention a few.

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vpsa oxygen plant
vpsa oxygen plant
vpsa oxygen plant

VPSA Oxygen Plant Manufacturer

As a premier VPSA oxygen generator supplier, Lecten Gas designs its equipment for both continuous and non-interrupted oxygen production. Compared with other VPSA oxygen plants in the market, they feature either 2 or 4 beds with molecular sieves.

For automatic sieve system regeneration, every Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plant comes with a water cooled vacuum pump. Thus, it produces oxygen at low cost and ensures trouble free operation.

Every Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plant features few components with temperature regulating system, control system, adsorption unit, oxygen buffer tank, exhaust, air fan and vacuum pump.

As a company with the know-how in the VPSA oxygen generator system, Lecten Gas offer custom solutions depending on the specific requirements of customers.

FAQ on Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plant

What is VPSA?
VPSA refers to Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption. It is one of the many technologies that Lecten Gas offers in the production of oxygen gas. The VPSA is suitable for higher flow requirements.
Why do VPSA plants produce oxygen with about 95.5% purity and not 100%?
Normally, the VPS process uses adsorption technology. With this process alone, it is virtually impossible to achieve 100% or 99.9999% oxygen purity. The truth is, VPSA oxygen plants cannot remove all argon gas. So the remaining 4.5% is mainly argon and very negligible amount of nitrogen. Of course, Lecten Gas can also help you to achieve higher oxygen purity levels.
What are the benefits of Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plants?
i.It’s a cost effective on-site production of oxygen ii.Fully automated with a PLC based system. Others may feature SCADA system iii.Uses air as raw material iv.Lower power consumption v.Produces large scale of pure oxygen vi.Remote monitoring option upon request
Do Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plants feature zeolite molecular sieves?
Yes. They use the zeolite molecular sieves to remove carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitrogen from air.
Why should I go for VPSA and not PSA oxygen plant?
When you need to produce high volumes of oxygen, a VPSA plant is the best option. Also, you should know that it has a slightly complex structure than the PSA oxygen plants. However, the VPSA oxygen plant is more energy efficient than the PSA oxygen plant. And more importantly, it has vacuum blower systems. They mainly reduce adsorption pressure, hence, VPSA can produce oxygen with nearly 0.2 atmosphere gauge. Remember, the vacuum blower also helps in desorption or regeneration.
How big is the Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plant?
Our VPSA oxygen plants have simple designs with few units. It has the following key parts: i.Software; this is mainly the automated aspect of the machine ii.Hardware include vacuum blower, rotary lobe feeder, oxygen surge tank, adsorbent vessels, switching valves and control unit
Does Lecten Gas Custom make VPSA oxygen plants?
Yes, we do. Just send us your specifications. We will make one for your unique oxygen requirements.
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Advantages of Lecten Gas VPSA Oxygen Plants

  • Cost competitive oxygen plants
  • Fully automated systems with either DCS or PLC
  • Safe, stable and robust structure
  • Produces 90% to 94% pure oxygen
  • Modular design for easy and fast installation